by Janösch

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live recorded and mixed by Philipp Engel
mastered by Mathias Magerle
artwork and lyrics by Janösch

will be released on 7” Vinyl later this year


released May 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Janösch Innsbruck, Austria

21.10. Innsbruck
@pmk w/COR

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Track Name: Another Day Another Victim
another day, another place
another time, another face
thousand reasons
different ways
in the end
always the same

Another day, another victim
there ́s always blood to spill
Another day, another victim
on the human race you can count
Another day, another victim
always ready to kill
Track Name: Selfinflicted Slavery
why don't we change the things in life
that we complain about
we proceed with selling our time
to expand their economy

we produce shit which no one needs
to let it end as trash
invent useless services
to give sense to the cash

we are the self-inflicted slaves
meant to serve a false economy
puppets in an ignorant construct
exploited for their luxury

instead of gaining power of our lifes
and revealing their ignorance
we remain as background artists in their game
stop accepting their dominance

no need for all this affluence
no repressing hierarchy
no wagework and no fucking boss
start creating anarchy

organized; working for ourselves
we produce what we need
kick these bastards of their throne
spread the revolution's seed
Track Name: The Plague
the state - your father
the state - your friend
the state - the institution it 's glory you defend
the state - your prison
the state - your cage
if you don't obey
you will feel the rage

the base of isolation nationalism and intolerance
the only pride you've left if your life lacks of sense
one culture one religion the guilt you have to pay
don ́t try to be different to it's values you have to pray

one society under one flag
to strive for total power
educating egoists
to ignore all beyond the border
Track Name: Adventure Trip To Wonderland
Boring job?
Wage too low
Just feel free
join the police

adventure every day
injustice - for you its OK
a uniform to feel strong
pure pleasure all day long

not always right - but never wrong
all your consciouseness is gone
you can choose between violence or empathy
in your action - you will be free

an adventure trip to wonderland
where brutality is your best friend
the reality you don ́t have to see
Track Name: Guilty
Guilty for trying to live life in equality
respecting every form of life
guilty for refusing a unequal hierarchy
made for the advantage of a few

guilty for the thought of global solidarity
where everything is everyone's
guilty of not accepting your economy
which negates existance

anarchism ́s not the chaos you're afraid of
neither the fist law nor the violence you profess
but if a systems lived, which is built to fail
we ́ve got the obligation to react

just spend a thought about who ́s the aggressor
who ́s disrespecting every form of life
who ́s guilty for the suffering of billions
time to judge the other side

for the repression of every living thing- guilty
for the destruction of a natural harmony- guilty
responsibility for worldwide cruelty- guilty
you ́re the ones that are injust